Welcome Mad Swede Brewing to the HBC Family

May 1, 2018

We would like to welcome aboard, and are quite proud to announce, that Mad Swede Brewing is now distributed by Hayden Beverage!

A few words from our friends at Mad Swede Brewing.

Jerry and Susie Larson, founders and owners of Mad Swede Brewing Company, are two Boiseans passionate about making amazing craft beer. Mad Swede is founded on the principles of brewing the highest quality beers by combining quality ingredients and innovative brewing processes.

Over 30 years ago, while still in college, Jerry brewed his first beer. Jerry continued experimenting with new recipes over the years, meticulously recording different brews and methods, like a mad scientist dedicated to his art! Jerry and Susie both spent much of their careers working as engineers for Hewlett Packard, but as they both delved deeper into the world of beer, the desire to share their passion for great beer with the Boise community grew. Great beer is a blend of art and science!

Jerry and Susie decided to open Mad Swede with the goal of making amazing beer using the practiced, fine-tuned methods Jerry spent years improving. Mad Swede is comprised of adventurous drinkers, brewers, dreamers, and thinkers who, like the Vikings themselves, dare to venture toward new and exciting territory.

Mad Swede is deeply committed to community improvement. We are dedicated to making our community a better place to live through promoting local business, participating in events, supporting the arts, and striving for sustainability. Mad Swede provides a fun, safe environment for customers from all walks of life, and we aim to be an educational community resource about all things beer-related.