Wine Education

A trip to a wine shop with even an average selection can be a very daunting task. You’re late for a date but don’t want to show up empty handed, but with thousands of grape varieties in the hands of thousands of producers, the bottle choices are beyond endless. Some sweet, some dry, some pink, some with bubbles, some that require a language tutor just to read the label. What is a guy to do?

The Education Department helps our staff and consumers explore the popular grapes, regions and techniques that shape the wine world. We conduct service trainings, blending seminars, production workshops and anything else that will make your teeth turn purple.

In addition to countless brand trainings, several Hayden Beverage employees have earned their Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) from The Society of Wine Educators and their Level I Certification from The Court of Master Sommeliers.

The snobbery in wine has ruled for long enough, and we are here to help the revolution.

For more wine education, we recommend these tools:

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